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Order Fulfillment

We intimately know the intricacies of Chinese manufacturing and we know what our customers want. Different technical standards and understanding, conflicting expectations and linguistic and cultural differences between the customer and the supplier are expertly handled and overcome by UMECC, based on comprehensive technical assessment and quality program.

One of the most critical steps in the order fulfillment process is the proper selection of the manufacturer that is the most suitable to fulfill a customer’s specific requirements to the customer’s fullest satisfaction. It is one of UMECC’s proven strengths, based on profound knowledge and experience, to identify the best suited manufacturer(s), thus creating a “perfect fit” for our customers.

UMECC takes care of each single customer by directing and controlling every single stage of the order fulfillment process. We work hand in hand with our customers abroad and our manufacturers in China and get involved in product consulting, proposal development, technical specification review, drawing conversion, translation, process- and quality plan and control, production supervision, final acceptance test, logistic arrangements, door to door delivery and after sales service. We thus assure seamless implementation and completion of our customers’ orders.


UMECC is able to supply engineering support for all products it supplies, including detailed design, drawing conversions, equipment adaption and enhancement. We also offer original engineering and design services, fully supported by the members of the UMECC Manufacturer Group, utilizing state of the art engineering support software, like Auto-Cad, PRO-E and ALGOR. These services include feasibility studies, basic and detail design generation as well as manuals and training programs.

In-house engineering capabilities are a vital part of UMECC’s services, allowing us to guarantee an efficient and flawless transition of engineering services from our manufacturers in China to our customers, anywhere in the world.

Manufacturing Capabilities


Casting Grades: grey iron, ductile iron, alloy iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, heat resistant alloy, copper and aluminum
Casting Process: green sand, resin-bonded sand, lost wax, lost foam and centrifugal casting
Casting Size: Iron Casting: 5.0 kg – 20,000 kg
Steel Casting: 0.5 kg – 2,500,000 kg


Press Capacity: 1,000 – 8,000 ton maximum
Process: Free forging and die forging
Forging size: 0.2 kg to 50,000 kg


Plate cut thickness: 240 mm max. by NC cutter
Plate bending size: Free forging and die forging
Fabrication material: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, copper
Weld process: MAG, MIG, TIG, SAW, SMAW
NDT: MT, DT, UT, X-Ray and γ-ray
Overlay Experience: Caster rolls, BOF hood overlay, flux chute, iron runner
Annealing furnace: 8 m x 8 m opening and 16 m deep
Lifting Capacity: 200 ton maximum

Round piece and step-hole machining:

Vertical Lathe: 3.5 m, 6 m, 8 m, 12 m and 16 m (NC & conventional)
Horizontal Lathe: Max. Dia. 2.0 m x L 12 m (NC & conventional)
Step-hole turning: Iron Casting: 5.0 kg – 20,000 kg
Steel Casting: 0.5 kg – 2,500,000 kg
Cylindrical Grinder: Dia. 2 m x L 10 m
Floor Lathe: Max. Dia. 5 m x L 15 m

Plain, straight hole and keyway machining

Horizontal boring and milling: Dia. 160 – 250 mm NC & conventional
Double column CNC: W 3.10 x H 2.45 x L 6.50 m max.
NC gantry planers: W 3 m x L 10 m & W 5 m x L 18 m
Various planers: 3.45 × 12.50 × 2.60 m max.

Gear machining

Gear hobbing: Max. Dia. 5500 mm x M40
Gear grinding: Max. Dia. 4000 mm x M42 NC

Bore Drilling

Gun drill: Max. L 15 m
Common drill: Max. Dia. 100 mm

Quality Assurance

UMECC serves our manufacturers in China not only as their local extension at the market forefront in North America, South America and Europe but provides them also with our unique quality supervision and consulting service. With years of experience and lessons learned in working with Chinese manufacturers and firms for either spare parts or large scale capital projects, UMECC has developed its own custom-fit quality control and project management system to assure consistent quality and adherence to the highest standards.

UMECC is an ISO 9001:2000 certified organization through its operation at UMECC (Beijing).

UMECC Manufacturing Group members, regardless big or small, are all ISO certified and subject to continuous examination under the UMECC Vendor Qualification System.

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