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Without experienced assistance, it is not necessarily certain that a customer will receive exactly what he wants from Chinese suppliers because of technical misunderstandings or shortcomings in the manufacturing and quality control process. We intimately know the intricacies of Chinese manufacturing and we know what our customers want. Different technical standards and understanding, conflicting expectations and linguistic and cultural differences between the customer and the supplier are expertly handled and overcome by UMECC, based on a comprehensive technical assessment and quality program. We are the dependable technical and logistical bridge between our customers and our manufacturers. We work in China very closely with our plants, providing for seamless implementation and completion of our customers’ orders.

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We provide our products and services individually or as a comprehensive package, including all necessary engineering. Whether you need a custom tailored solution or commodity, our customers profit from our low cost approach, strict quality control, high flexibility, domestic warehousing and a local and international engineering and logistics team that assures improved communication, technical expertise, accurate preparation, and reduced processing time.

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